Policies & Procedures

Ronlieeh Agistment Centre

Our staff are dedicated and willing to help any problems, we aim to provide a high quality of care and assistance to you and your horse.

The current group of agisters that we have are friendly and involved in all equine disciplines ranging from Racing, Eventing, Vaulting, Mounted Games, Polo-X and not forgetting pleasure riding. They also are helpful and pretty easy going. Our indoor sitting area with tea and coffee facilities is a great place to sit and chat with fellow riders after a hard lesson or ride.
We have an onsite float that can be used by staff or hired out for any emergency situation. If you don't have float experience or a vehicle to tow with arrangements can be made for our friendly staff to drop off and pick up if needed, by arrangement.

Located Five minutes from the local Gigegannup Pony Club and Equestrian center and ten minutes from the State Equestrian Centre, Ronlieeh Agistment Center is number one for location. We have facilities and can cater for wind suckers unlike most other centers.

Ronlieeh Agistment Centre is newly established located in the picturesque Perth Hill of Gidgegannup. The Centre was created from the existing well known Warmblood horse stud of Barrabadeen.
Full Board agistment, Stables with lights, Private or Shared paddocks.

Holiday Agistment

Are you going away on holidays and need someone to care for your horse like you would?? Ronlieeh Agistment Center offers short term full care at an affordable rate. Relax on your holiday knowing your best friend is in good hands and well looked after.

Rehabilitation Agistment

Sometimes horses can come to us that are injured and require stabling, and or nursing, rehabilitiation to get them back to riding stage. If you are in that situation please discuss your requirements and we can work something out to suit you and your horse.

Extra Services Available

Listed below are some of the extra services on offer, if you would like any other services that are not listed please let us know and we will be happy to accommodate your needs as best we can
  • Administer IM injections
  • Administer worming paste
  • Horse handling for the farrier
  • Horse handling for the Vet
  • Extra feeding if required
  • Round bale and round ring
  • Equisage if pre booked

The centre boasts lush pastures with safe fencing and spacious paddocks to accommodate horses and ponies. Its immaculate presentation is sure to impress.
Holiday/Short term agistment, Float Hire, DIY agistment, Spelling.

Paddock Cleaning

All manure on the property is collected on a regular basis. It has been well documented that one of the major causes of Colic is internal parasites. Removing manure helps prevent parasites From being re-consumed by horses and adds greatly to the overall health and wellbeing of the horses.
We can perform fecal egg counts from time to time. Our horses are only wormed when necessary. In this way we are greatly reducing the chance of parasite resistance to drenches.

Ronlieeh Agistment Center is suited to all levels of riders, from pleasure riders to those who are highly competitive. Being a family owned and run there is a high level of care and a peaceful atmosphere. There are no stringent times so you are able to visit your horse and use the facilities when it suits you best.
We provide full board agistment which includes all care of the horse and full use of the facilities, feed and rugging twice daily. If your horse has any special dietary requirements arrangements can be made to accommodate that.
The horses are stabled at night, and transferred into day paddocks every morning before their feeds. Rugs changed and any other needs are tended to. The stables are aired and cleaned daily as are the yards and paddocks. Water in the stables is changed daily and the paddocks have troughs with automatic floats that are cleaned weekly.
Our fencing is plain wire with electric wire stand offs including white equine sighter wire and some post and rail. Stable horses are paddocked individually unless instructed by owner.
Any horses not on pasture are given oaten hay at lunch provided from Ronlieeh Farm located north of Toodyay.

Ronlieeh Agistment is manned 24/7 with live in onsite manager with vast horse experience and knowledge. Owners will be notified immediately if there is any problems that may arise with their horse, no matter how small.
Make an appointment to call in and have a look around contact Kylie on 0417 184 840

Located just 15 minutes from Midland and State Equestrian Centre, 5 minutes to the local Gidgegannup show grounds and township. The centre is manned 24/7 with live in onsite manager.
Dedicated and friendly staff ready to give any assistance.
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